Free Digital Distribution for WROX Stars

Free Digital Distribution
Keep up to 100% of your royalties – Get paid monthly


Apply to be a WROX Star and get Free Digital Distribution and Promotion.

  • We’ll make sure all your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed
  • We’ll upload your music for distribution
    • Your content will be available for download from iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, YouTube, Deezer (plus over 150 other stores & streaming services)
  • We’ll distribute Press Releases announcing your WROX Records release
  • We’ll write an article for our website and share it on Social Media
  • We’ll contact the appropriate Magazines and Bloggers
  • We’ll share your content and story with the appropriate Terrestrial and Internet Radio Stations
  • Your content will be available for Synchronization with visual medium in Advertisements, Video Games, Movies and Television Shows
  • You’ll get paid when other people use your music on YouTube with YouTube Content ID
  • We’ll provide you with tips to get the word out and promoting your brand

As a WROX Staryou may receive assistance with Public Relations and Marketing, Endorsement Deals, Sponsorship Opportunities, Radio and Internet Song Play and Interviews, which ultimately lead to better paying & higher profile gigs.  We also offer booking assistance for Festivals, Cruise Ships and Casinos.

Take the first step!

Right now, we don’t know who you are, so let’s start with this application. Then we’ll schedule a phone conversation. We want to know what your needs and goals we can discuss what WROX Records can do to help you achieve those goals.

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We look forward to hearing from you, and remember, the harder you work, the harder we work for you. The harder we work for you, the more money you make..

Rick Perry
WROX Records, LLC