One Gorilla Walks into a Studio…

One Gorilla Walks into a Studio…

Original Gas House Gorilla front man, Rick Fink

In The Subtle and not so Subtle Art of Collaboration, the Gas House Gorilla’s front man and founding member, Rick Fink, writes about taking on new challenges and projects as a solo artist.

It will also be the first time I have ever sat on a stage alone with a guitar, without a net. I know that there are plenty of you that do it all the time and you have my respect and admiration. But that’s never been me. I’m not going to lie. I feel both terrified and exhilarated.

The Subtle and not so Subtle Art of Collaboration

I have always viewed collaboration as the lifeblood of every creative endeavor. My world view having expanded in recent years, I have come to regard cooperative effort as an essential component of a life well lived.



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