“Getting signed by a major record label is NOT a marker of success”

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“Getting signed by a major record label is NOT a marker of success”


“Getting signed by a major record label is NOT a marker of success. When 99% of all acts that get signed to major record labels fail (i.e. do not recoup the cost of their advance and get dropped), the odds are actually worse for you if you attempt to work within the traditional music industry. You might as well go and buy a lottery ticket.”

RETHINKING THE RECORD LABELIn the article ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Signing Marks The Official Split of the Music Industry (Digital Music News 9/18/17Ari Herstand writes  “There are now two completely separate music industries. And most don’t even realize this.”

“It has been a long time coming” he says.

“I call it the New Music Business. And it’s much more encouraging. It is an industry existing completely outside TMZ culture.” says the author. “One that is not being written about by any of the culture rags. Or even Billboard very often. Because it’s not very sexy. It is the industry of the independents. The working musicians. The DIYers damning the system and proclaiming they are not in it for quick fame and instant success, but because music is at the core of who they are. And they would rather build a career than chase fame.”

WROX Records salutes the DIYers and it is our hope to make their job a little easier. For more information on how WROX Records can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us..


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